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'Dedicated to the advocacy of all rational and honest means
by which wrong might be redressed, just rights maintained,
and the happiness and welfare of society promoted'
Charles Dickens

Funds will be distributed to organisations and bodies that seek to fulfil
Charles Dickens’s legacy by supporting those less fortunate in society
and challenging the status quo.

This includes supporting access to the Arts, Theatre and Literature.

‘He had a large loving mind and the strongest sympathy.
He felt sure a better feeling, and much greater union of classes,
would take place in time… and I pray earnestly it may.’

Queen Victoria’s Diary (11 June 1870)
The Dickens Legacy proudly supported access to educational talks and theatre tickets for the UK Tour of Great Expectations.
'Dickens Legacy Tuesdays' attracted a new, diverse audience
to the West End production, allowing young people to attend the production for free.

The charity receives a royalty from all sales of the DVD of the Opening Night of Great Expectations; click here to purchase > > >

The charity also distributed copies of the original novel,
toy theatres, Simon Callow's 'Dickens and The Great Theatre
of the World' and Lucinda Hawksley's pictorial history
of Dickens' life to a range of schools and colleges
in London and across the UK.
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